Speaking Up against Police Brutality

For over some couple of days, we the youths of my beloved country Nigeria have been coming out in mass to protest against SARS; both on-site and virtually.

If you’re not in Nigeria, you may be wondering what SARS is.

SARS is an acronmy for the Special Anti-Robbery Squad. It is a branch of the Nigeria Police Force under the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (FCIID). The squad was originally set up to deal with crimes associated with armed robbery, car snatching, kidnapping, cattle rustling, and crimes associated with firearms.

Over the years, they’ve turned into the criminals themselves. Harassing, molesting, extorting and using violence mostly against innocent citizens (Youths especially).

Looking good and owing cool personal items is seen a crime to them. They believe it was stolen. Most of the time they harass and even kill anyone who doesn’t BRIBE them when they fall victim.

Sadly, they do not acknowledge the ‘fundamental human rights’. They believe they are above the law and the government chose to turn deaf ears and blind eyes to all the innocent killings, torture and extortion even with video evidences all over social media.

We are protesting against this ‘brutal Movement’ and the force keeps harassing, beating, shooting and killing protesters that are fighting against this cruel movement. This is barbaric!!!!

How is a peaceful protest against brutality and inhumane treatment wrong?

How can a force (Special Anti-Robbery Squad -SARS) put in place to PROTECT turn to OPPRESS and TORTURE us?

Does the Fundamental human rights truly exist in Nigeria?

I don’t just speak up and stand against the Police Brutality. I also speak up and stand against any form of brutality and violence!

How long do we have to watch our backs because we are unsafe in our Fatherland?

And it baffles me that some Nigerians have decided to sit on the fence on this matter and not speak up against this barbaric movement.

How can you chose to be neutral in situations on injustice? Because you aren’t directly affected?

The fact that some people even support the SARS movement after witnessing the cruelty baffles me even more.

We won’t take no for an answer because we aren’t just fighting to end SARS, we are fighting for a better future for ourselves and our generation!

We are fighting for a reformed police force!

We are fighting against brutality!

We are fighting against injustice!

We are fighting against inhumane treatment!

We are fighting against extortion!

Only the living can speak. I’m one of the living so I speak against this injustice!

I wish for a better Nigeria where all lives matters. I’m using all my platforms to speak against Police brutality and injustice in my country Nigeria.

Enough is Enough!

Let’s stay strong together and keep speaking up against Police Brutality. We have to work unified towards a better future.

Wondering how you can get involved to end this barbaric movement?

No hope is lost because I believe Nigeria will be great!

May our voices in unity be heard and our efforts not be in vain.

#EndPoliceBrutality #EndSars #NoToPoliceBrutality #NoToBadGovernment #NoToViolenceandBrutality #ReformPoliceNG #EndSarsImmediately #SarsMustEnd

Yours truly, Grace ♡

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