Honeymoon Fantasy

Neka always had her honeymoon fantasy. On several occasions, she told her close friends about it. She said she’d prefer a small wedding if that is what it would take to have her honeymoon fantasy. Her honeymoon fantasy was to go to four different destinations; Santorini, Paris, Kenya and Maldives.

“Immediately after the wedding reception, you and I would get changed. Our travel bags would be packed days before the big day. Then we’d dance out of the reception hall and drive straight to the airport, off to the first honeymoon destination”.

Neka said enthusiastically to Deji, her Fiancé. She believed sharing her honeymoon fantasy with Deji would make it possible. Unfortunately for her, Deji doesn’t fancy honeymoons.

“I don’t see the big deal traveling across the world immediately after our big day to spend time with someone I’ll still spend the rest of my life with.” Deji shrugged.

Neka knew her fantasy weren’t realistic because their wedding was in exactly two weeks. Yet she decided to push it.

“Okay, if we can’t do four destinations, let’s make it two.”

Neka said, trying to convince Deji to make her honeymoon fantasy a reality.

“Why must we even leave the country, when we can be in any amazing resort in Lagos or Abuja? Besides, people from other countries celebrate their honeymoon in Nigeria, don’t they?” Deji asked, waiting for a response.

Neka pouted. And walked away from the room with her face down.

“Wait nau! Babe, are we still getting married?” Deji asked as he playfully ran after her laughing.

A week later, it was Deji and Neka’s Big day. Neka sat beautifully on a seat in front of a wide mirror, feeling somewhat sad. “Why the long face?” Makie her makeup artist/best friend snapped. “Bia! Is it because of that honeymoon fantasy of yours?”

Hian! Nne, you are getting married to the love of your life, you should be happy; honeymoon fantasy or not.” She squeezed Nneka shoulder lightly and smiled.

A big curve appeared on Neka’s face. She accepted her fate. Her fantasy was not her reality. Regardless, she was happy.

Eight hours later, the wedding service and reception was over. Neka and Deji were ready to head home after thanking the guest for gracing their occassion. The couple took a bow and exited the reception hall. A black Range Rover Sport was already waiting for them at the packing lot.

They enjoyed their ride with one of Celine dion’s track playing on the radio. Then Neka fell asleep.

“Babe, we are here”. Deji said as he tapped Neka gently. She opened her eyes and tried to figure out where they were. In the process, she heard;

“… Boarding annoucement. This is a boarding call…” She became wide awake. She realized they were at the parking lot at Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja. “What is going on here?” she inquired looking around in shock. Then he gave her some documents stapled together. The documents contained details of the bookings to her honeymoon fantasy destinations.

Before she could utter a word, Deji shut her lips with his. She tightened her grip around his neck and kissed him back passionately. Neka finally had the honeymoon she dreamt of.

The End.

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