Not the culprit

“Hello! Yes! Please help me. Someone has been following me… No not someone I know. A total stranger… Yes, he’s still following me… I’m at Jerry Gana road… what do you mean by what am I doing there? I’m on my way back from work… okay okay. Please hurry.”

Labike had just finished speaking to one of the town’s security officer. She looked over her shoulders, and noticed the creepy man was still following her. Then she increased her walking pace.

She was on her way back from work at 6 pm but the roads were empty and she couldn’t get a cab to take her home. This was strange to her because there was no curfew and she didn’t see anyone in sight except the strange man following her from quite a distance. She started shivering.

The news of the recent kidnapping flashed through her mind causing her more fear.

The strange man wore a black hoodie on a blue jean. His face was not visible because he had a dark complexion.

As she increased her pace, he increased his. She wanted to shout, but there was nobody in sight to help so that was no point for her.

She picked up her phone and dialed the security emergency number again. It rang but no one answered.

She looked behind her and saw that the strange man had stopped and was staring at her. She still couldn’t see his face clearly. She feared she might get killed by someone she doesn’t even know.

She made the sign of the cross and just as she was about to take that deep breath of relief, he started running towards her again. She dropped everything in her hands; her handbag which had her mobile phone and lunch pack. She ran as fast as she could. Her life depended on her race.

“Why are you running” she heard him call out. But she wasn’t going to stop to have a conversation with an alleged kidnapper.

She kept running as fast as her feet could take her.

“Stop running,” he called out again but she ignored, only to stumble upon a stone and she fell flat.

She was more concerned about saving her life than checking for any injuries sustained.

“Please don’t hurt me. I beg you in the name of God.” She started crying profusely. Was this the end of her? She thought.

He came closer, took off his hoodie and placed his hands on his knees.

“Why were you running? he asked in the process of catching his breath.

Labike looked confused to respond. She gave him that ‘why would you be asking me such question look’.

Then he brought out a white envelope from his jeans back pocket. The envelope looked familiar to her, but she wasn’t sure. She had just been paid cash in a white envelope right after work.

“You dropped this on your way, and I was contemplating whether of not to give it back. Well here I am.” He said and handed it over to her.

Labike was astonished. She took the envelope and her first guess was right. It was her remuneration. She was scared and ran for nothing.

“Hey Madam, is this the culprit you were talking about over the phone?” One of the security officers shouted as he got out of the security truck holding a short gun.

“No officer, he’s not the culprit,” Labike responded and whispered a sincere thank you to the stranger.

The End.

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