Hate to miss you

Everything has change since you left. All the bed sheets still smells like you. Everywhere we’ve been together reminds me of you. I have deleted all our pictures but our memories refused to erase from my mind. Nothing has replace your touch and warm cuddles. We created beautiful memories together. But the bad memories outweighs... Continue Reading →


They say; Don’t flinch or cry. You are a man! Don’t express yourself; your silence speaks louder. You are a man! Look out for everyone but yourself. You are a man! Toil day and night; this is what you’re made for. You are a man! Hide your deep emotions. You are a man! Don’t love... Continue Reading →

I lost something…

Imagine if one of your social network (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network) account were suspended and deleted. What would you do? A couple of weeks ago, my personal Instagram account got disabled by Instagram without prior notice. I know some persons this had happened to in the past. I never would have... Continue Reading →

Not the culprit

“Hello! Yes! Please help me. Someone has been following me... No not someone I know. A total stranger... Yes, he’s still following me... I’m at Jerry Gana road... what do you mean by what am I doing there? I’m on my way back from work... okay okay. Please hurry.” Labike had just finished speaking to... Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Fantasy

Neka always had her honeymoon fantasy. On several occasions, she told her close friends about it. She said she’d prefer a small wedding if that is what it would take to have her honeymoon fantasy. Her honeymoon fantasy was to go to four different destinations; Santorini, Paris, Kenya and Maldives. “Immediately after the wedding reception,... Continue Reading →

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