Set and reach your goals with 4 simple steps

Happy New Year guys. 2020 was a long ride. Phew! I’m glad we made it out safely. Some of us have some resolutions and goal plans to kick off the new year (2021). If you didn’t start off the new year with any resolutions or goal plans, it’s totally fine. You can actually start now... Continue Reading →

I almost lost a great opportunity

Months before my service year (National Youth Service Corps), I prayed for a better job opportunity than the one I had at the time. I continued this prayer point all through and after my service year. Of course I placed my eggs in different baskets. But it didn’t look like anything fruitful was going to... Continue Reading →

I lost something…

Imagine if one of your social network (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network) account were suspended and deleted. What would you do? A couple of weeks ago, my personal Instagram account got disabled by Instagram without prior notice. I know some persons this had happened to in the past. I never would have... Continue Reading →

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