I lost something…

Imagine if one of your social network (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network) account were suspended and deleted. What would you do? A couple of weeks ago, my personal Instagram account got disabled by Instagram without prior notice. I know some persons this had happened to in the past. I never would have... Continue Reading →

Speaking Up against Police Brutality

For over some couple of days, we the youths of my beloved country Nigeria have been coming out in mass to protest against SARS; both on-site and virtually. If you’re not in Nigeria, you may be wondering what SARS is. SARS is an acronmy for the Special Anti-Robbery Squad. It is a branch of the... Continue Reading →


Almost all my life, I’ve had a hard time making decisions on my own, no matter how small or sturdy the decision was. I was terrified about making foolish decisions and mistakes. I rarely made decisions on my own. Even when I had a solid conviction, I always spoke to someone or some persons in... Continue Reading →

Why I Blog?

A while ago, I watched a video clip on Instagram by @beardlessjecil - “What’s your why”. He explained the importance of knowing why you do what you do. And I took a lot away from it. I started writing 13 years ago; majorly fictional stories. Well unfortunately, they never got published and I never found... Continue Reading →

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